Thursday, January 10, 2019

11 Best Blog Posts from 2018

Most of my blog is Sunday Funday, a quick review of our week, and some good internet reads to check out. But I have posted some other things as well, and here are my 11 favorite (10 just didn't work)
1. First Goodbyes: Sofia is now old enough to start feeling the pain of goodbyes.
2. Doing Short Term Missions Well: this is an important ongoing discussion we should all have.
3. Failed Missionary Thoughts: some thoughts about a podcast that hit the missionary world.
4. Fair Trade Guilt: yes please!
5. For my Woke Folk: Juneteenth and World Refugee Day
6. Yarns and Pins: remembering old missionary boards
7. Write me Down: thoughts about my birthday
8. Applying Overturning Tables: Quotes from a really awesome book!
9. 15 Posts about Missions in 15 Years
10. Choosing Last: How to Live it: the chronological study through the Gospels
11. What Doing Missions Means to Me: the series

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