Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ana is 11 Months old!

And because Ana's month-a-birthday was also my dad's 69th Birthday, we had a second video:
This little lady is into everything, all the time. This is the phase where you say things like, "What is that? Eww! Oh it is just banana. How did banana get there?" 
I have morphed sped from "Please just let me pee in peace" to "It is too quiet- what are you doing?" 
I was so proud of myself. I had just baby proof the house. Then she grew just a bit taller, and I have to redo everything. Now she can open drawers . It will always be one more thing, won't it?!
It has been a wonderful month. We miss having Uncle Johnny here, especially as he would take her out for long walks to "discover things." The last week she has been cutting her top teeth, and it has been difficult with sleeping and being extra mommy-centric (meaning "Mom, don't move. I want you here and focused only on me" more than normal). 
She is becoming good at copying us, although her favorite sounds are still "Da-dee." She waves goodbye and is very aware of what is going on around her, often laughing as soon as she sees someone else happy. She is a good eater, her favorite foods are grapes and cheese, but she eats about anything. We love being parents to this special lady!

Friday, May 20, 2016

John's Last Post

**John is currently in Rio de Janeiro, waiting for the plane to take him to Miami and then Indianapolis by lunchtime tomorrow. His mom will breathe again then.**

"Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that I left Indiana two months ago, and at the same time it feels like it has been an eternity. I left home scared of what I was about to do: two months in a county where I can’t even ask where the bathroom is, and people don't understand me very well. It had been over a year since the last time I went to Brazil, so it was pretty much like going for the first time. It would have been hard for me then (when I first arrived) to believe that I would not only adjust but actually really enjoy my time here.

That is not to say that my time here has not been without its downs. In fact I would say that this has been rather hard, but enjoyable all the same. I guess change really is a pain mentally, spiritually and oh so much physically (it really is a pain). Reason number two for it being hard: I come here and then I find out, “Oh, you have to be ready to get a job, your driver’s license, pre-college classes and save up for a car/collage when you get back.”
To say it was a rude awakening would be a huge understatement. But thankfully, I had people to help me with my panic attack (turns out that my panic attacks involve uncontrollable laughing), and now I can honestly say that I feel ready. I can hardly wait to see everyone back home, John out."
** Caid and I are sad to see John go. It was really great to have him as a part of our family for nine weeks (although feeding and washing clothes for a teenager wasn't as fun). It was completely different family dynamics, and we had our challenges, but John made good choices, served well, and finished strong. I couldn't have asked for more. And I am soooo going to miss him washing the dishes for me! Last night the Soares family had a going away party for him: awesome way to end an awesome time!
John did a wonderful job serving with  Living Stones. He went to Cajueiro Claro twice each week and played soccer while Caid coached. He went to Guadalajara twice a week and played basketball while Caid coached and I tutored. He went to MMA and voice lessons weekly with Caid. He helped teach English at Lagoa Living Stones twice a week, and he still got his government homework done:). 
One of my favorite moments was this:
Cesar remembered John from 2014 and wanted to see him before he left: so we went for Cesar's birthday on May 17th. I was prepping John before we went, saying, "This guy remembers you. Think of things to say in Portuguese because it means a lot to him." John replied, "Before if you would tell me something like that I would get so nervous that I would be grumpy or try to get out of going all together so I wouldn't disappoint him. But now I realize that this is an opportunity, and to use my nervousness to make sure to make the time special for Cesar." YESSSSSSS. Love you John! 

About that Money (John's Post)

On my birthday I was given some money from some family members in honor of my cousin who had been to Brazil in the past. She asked that the money be used for ministry while I was in Brazil. Specific things that she asked for included buying equipment for the sports ministries and some presents for friends. 

In addition, I was also looking for other needs that I could take care of. It opened my eyes to the more simple needs instead of just looking at big things like Zika or poverty as a whole, but for small ways to help individual people.
With the money I got a soccer ball and pump for Cajueiro Claro 
A soccer ball for Guadalajara
Some books including the Chronicles of Narnia for Yasmym and Camila
And ice cream for the Soares.
I made sure to give some money to the churches that I visited and frequented, and with the rest, I gave it to pastor Flavio because his daughter got a lung infection and has been going to the doctor a lot. 
Thanks to Uncle Loren, Aunt Carol and Lillian for the money to help these people. To be able to see the needs and then be able to do something about it has been amazing. Not just standing around, but actually helping people was a welcome change.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Sunday Funday

1. Still remembering Mother's day today:) (Although my kids in Sunday school this morning had already forgotten)
2. Anger is not a good thing. Say it with me. Jesus flipping tables...not an excuse for you to live angry. Especially on Facebook.
3. So every time my wonderful friend Karianne works through something she blogs: and I gobble it up. Seven things about change.
4. When did I stop memorizing Scripture? Why? Reminding me why I need it.
5. A conversation to have with my daughter: about adoption--and some great resources!
6. This is something I want to check out so I am putting it here in case I forget: something to WATCH.
7. Anything that mentions "Irresistible Revolution" I read. And remember that I am not all extrovert...
8. We cannot forget about the refugees just because it isn't a trending topic. Keep praying. Keep them in our hearts.
9. I am so inspired by our co-workers and Lindsay, who is looking into grad school...she makes me work hard to keep up:). Forever life-long learners!
10. In honor of #9 and growing professionally, I am hoping to watch a couple of these amazing speakers this week fur freee.

Yikes! I have not uploaded today's video yet! Every day I upload one and post it to Facebook--because Caid and I are missionary vloggers:). If you don't know what that is, ask me! check out our website, or youtube.
Yesterday's video--Thank you so much to everyone who came to the CHILLY Trek for Transportation this year!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

While She Naps...

My current "while Ana sleeps and Caid is gone" idea is ABC Missions board book/companion book.
A children's board book that explains missions through pictures of children in Brazil, one for each letter of the alphabet, with a companion book that elaborates each one. For example: "A is for Alexandria, who lives in an abandoned house (picture)." The companion book then goes on to explain about Alexandria and the realities of many street children. I have both books almost completely mapped out.
I have been researching how to make this a reality, and I think I have found it. I can print the board book (750 copies) for $2,040 (shipping an extra $536) at printninja
And I can print the companion book (750 copies) for $464 (shipping: $19) at moxicopy
checking out the prices of also doing just 500 copies of each, or 1000 copies of each, this is what I came up with:
500 of each book: total cost: $2400. Profit: $2600
750 of each book: total cost: $3,060. Profit: $4,440
1000 of each book: total cost: $3670. Profit: $6330

Problem: storing and selling 1000 board books and 1000 companion books (or 500, 750 of each). Especially while we were in Brazil. I would make sure the information was timeless, so we wouldn't have to sell it by a certain time...but still. Anyways, if someone is looking for something great to do with $2400, $3060 or $3700, I know what to do.
If I could get 5 churches to buy 100 of them for $500, I would be SET.
Problem: making the originals, so people can see the product before buying it: that would cost about $400. But I could do it for less than $100 if I did my board book example through pint sized productions instead of the print company print ninja that the rest would be made from. Anyone know of a $5000 grant for great children's books? :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Sunday Funday

I have lived in Brazil awhile now, and it seems to rain much more frequently on Mondays than any other day. Mother's day was wonderful, and I got up early and made my grocery list this morning. I put Ana in the backpack and grabbed the umbrella and got things done. The rain still hasn't stopped. Caid and John were not able to have soccer practice because of it. And the basketball court is rained out for this afternoon. So we get to cozy together (still not cold enough for a blanket) and enjoy rest. It is a nice Monday gift. 

Don't forget! The Trek for Transportation is this SATURDAY! Hope you can make it--or donate to someone who can!
Videos coming at you from us EVERY DAY this month:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

John's Update

This past week was hard because I decided to go on a media fast. Time went slower without going on media, but it gave me more time to think. I started to draw and write to pass the time as well. The highlight of my week came on Saturday when we went to see Captain America 3 a week before it came out in the U.S.

I also have been getting more responsibilities, like helping Caid are teaching an English class at one of the Living Stones programs. I have been starting to count down the days now that I’ll be going back in under three weeks. Although being in Brazil is great, I can still hardly wait to see my friends and family back in the U.S.

Today is May 3 and so 3 new vlogging videos have already been put out on Youtube!
Check it out!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Funday May Month of Videos

You like our new logo? Like new videos? Five minutes of Fergie (Short Ferguson Family Adventures) is posting a new video every day this month. Lots of links on Facebook. But if you don't want to miss any--subscribe on youtube! Visit our website and our Youtube Channel (hey--do you know any other missionary vloggers?) 

I enjoyed this from Relevant magazine (which I also enjoyed, when I lived in the states and got magazines). It brings up a lot that I have been thinking about, and opened up about (writing about your body is PERSONAL) in this blog.
Loved this article so much I have to change/add to one of the videos coming out this month! Because what should we call Short Term Missions Trips?
I have fallen into this myself--looking at what other people get rather than what they give: and WHAT? how would I ever know the whole story anyway? Life is too short for living like that.
Another cool resource for women abroad!! I love finding these! I hope to set up some way to help connect women to all the cool stuff other women are doing out there someday:).
I really enjoyed this article--I think the same woman wrote something I posted last week, because it sounds familiar--about callings--but whatever, I needed to hear it again.