Monday, September 25, 2017

Dear NFL

Dear NFL,
You feel passionate about something, and have brought it to the front page in a creative, non-violent manner. Respect. But please don't let it become about something you are against, instead of something you are for. 

Remember that love wins over hate. 

Protesting that makes a difference is one that promotes what you are for, not fights what you are against. 

Are you AGAINST our flag and anthem, or FOR saving black lives? 
Are you AGAINST police or FOR positive law enforcement that stops people from getting hurt? 

You have what America listens to, regardless of race: talent and money. So use it. I'd love to get behind an NFL NGO/foundation that:
  1. Provides tutoring for inner city neighborhoods, to allow black kids to have better lives through education
  2. Provides college scholarships for black students 
  3. Provides incentives for more POC to become cops 
  4. Creates anti-corruption standards for our police and prison system
  5. Provides incentives for more black lawyers and public defenders 

Regardless what whatever was originally intended by taking the knee, it has turned into something subversive and divisive rather than making a difference, something that I believe has been made worse by the tweets of our president.
It also, I believe, was just to draw awareness to a protest: not to create actual change. 

So now it is time to move on to the next step- actually making a difference. You can do it: America is looking to you and ready to hear you. Please don't make this about you: make it about the kids and families and lives that really are suffering. 

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