Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sunday Funday January

Our weekly vlog (two this week!):

After an amazing three weeks, we left Connecticut and headed to Ohio. We are staying a week in Cleveland, and sharing at two churches about Brazil. Sunday was completely covered in snow, but we still made it (a couple hours later) in time to share at the church. We are so grateful for our good friends who are letting us stay with them, and all the cool people we get to talk with. 
This past weekend was VBS at our home church in Brazil, celebrating Heloise and Pastor Flavio's birthdays! Here are some fun pictures (of what we are missing): 
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. Five Immediate Needs (stuff going on in our little world)
2. Who Cares about Walls? I finally worked up my courage and posted this publicly, but it seems I didn't have to worry because no one really read it anyway:). I finally put together my opinion (or lack thereof?) on the wall issue. 
3. You got duped: this is written sarcastically, but um, yeah, something needs to be said about this "Opps" of outrage. Dear Left: please say "sorry" and play nice with the Right. But never mind...I still remember the horrible way kids from the Florida shooting were treated because they stood up for gun control: ummm...dear Right: please say "sorry" and play nice with the Left. I am noticing a pattern here. 
4. Gillette Ad: My shock at people hating this was almost as much as when I first realized many Christians didn't support refugees. I am still like "Whaaaaaaa?" But this article focuses on something else: consumerism. Looking to companies for our morals? 
5. The Enneagram and Me: so I finally took an online test, made a Pinterest board, and declared myself a type 3w4 and Caid a type 7w6. It only took me an hour and was pretty insightful, especially the "How to love a type xxx" things. Oh, the Internet. 
7. Welcoming Broken Missionaries Back: I am still a little broken...just so you know. 

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