Tuesday, January 8, 2019

For Transparency's Sake (Money Stuff)

Here is my annual post about finances and such, which most of you can just pass on by, but it matters to some. Like me.
Basically, all said and done, we have been spending around $20,000 a year (except for big things like birth and buying a car) and had right about the same for donations. BUT: we are now a family of 4, and below USA standards of poverty. We haven't had medical or life insurance. We do have an emergency fund, but not enough to cover plane tickets for our whole family, if that is what was needed.
When you break it down, after taxes and administration fees, we receive around $1400 a month. We need that to be closer to $2,500 a month for the four of us and the ministry costs that come up. Please pray with us, as we are looking to almost double our funding. This is important and necessary, but hard, especially for me, as there are so many other needs that we see day in and day out. As we speak at churches and with individuals, please pray that God would connect us with people who really desire to give specifically for our family needs.
God bless, and now we are done with that most difficult subject! (for now)

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