Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday End of January

We love sharing at churches. But we especially love sharing with kids. This morning one of the kids prayed for us that we would have a safe trip home to Ana Sofia's toys in Brazil. Love it. After showing the kids a video clip of the road we travel to get to Living Stones, one of the little girls was shocked and said, "Where is the sidewalk???"
I have gotten upset with the holes and the mud and the general hard travel of Brazil, but have never really stopped to think about sidewalks. The girl was so worried for the children who didn't have sidewalks, and said she would pray for cement for sidewalks for the kids in Brazil. I was trying to suggest that the kids pray for gas for our (missionary and pastor) vehicles...but that darling girl...who knows? One day the kids might have their sidewalks.
I love this story. I've tried to tell it in conversations, and never do it as well as Ann Voskamp
To all the interns and friends and short term mission trippers who come--a beautiful metaphor.
One of my favorite people in the world wrote this. And it hits me beautiful.
Broken bathroom tile. Those words that one person said. Powerfully written. 
A hard read. But a good one. And one to think about for short term missions trips.
So true! What not to say to a new (or any?!) missionary

God bless you this Sunday Funday! And yes, I am late on Ana's 7 month blog, our Illinois vlog, and our family vacation vlog. Also, I have all these good ideas for other blogs and vlogs...on the list:) when cooking and mommying and meetings and paperwork and cleaning get a little caught up. Life is good.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Talk Money

Caid, Ana Sofia and I are home on furlough to raise funds for a car.This car, to be exact:
1. Volkswagen brand because it is most durable, and easiest to fix (parts)
2. Voyage model because it has trunk space (carrying things to Living Stones) and kid space
3. A nearly new vehicle (1.6 lt. engine) because of wear/tear from the horrible rural back roads 
We need a vehicle because:
1. Without it, more time is spent in transportation than in ministry with the kids
2. With a baby, public transportation isn’t safe/healthy
3. To bring volunteers/supplies to Living Stones programs

After going through our finances, we realized our goals were:
1. $300 personal monthly support as missionaries
2. $400 Living Stones monthly support
3, $15,000 for plane tickets, taxes, and a car ($11,000)

We have been SO blessed and are SO excited to let you know that generous people have given and God has provided and our new numbers are;
1. $200 personal monthly support needed
2. $200 Living Stones monthly support
3. $9,000 for a car

Taxes and plane tickets have been covered--we are returning to Brazil March 16!
We thank you all for your prayers as we have finished our big trips (to Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, and Illinois) and so will be around more in the Indy area. We would love to set up meeting with each and every one of you! As far as our speaking schedule,

January 31: at Brookville Road Community Church
February 14: at Horizon Central
February 21: at Shelbyville Community Church
February 28: at Brandywine Community Church
March 6: open
March 13: open 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Funday on Monday

Yesterday was a wonderful, grace-filled day with not much alone time, so today it is. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our travel time! It has been amazing, and is coming to a close, so keep praying as we work to fit in hugs and conversations to last all year (or longer).
Links I loved:
1. Nope, not stopping talking about refugees. NOPE. 
2. I went to write good "mommy" goals for 2016 and realized this. Again.
3. I connected with this. well-written:).
4. Trying to collect all this information for my daughter (TCK)
5. Because we should know more about other places around the world. And I am still a vegetarian.

Goals for 2016

2016 Goals: Trust and Embrace
As a Woman:
1. Personal
a. Weekly vlog or blog and music vine
b. Be book (kindle) or podcast ready
c. Produce/upkeep awesome websites (ls and fmfergie)
d. Take some online free classes
e. Publish one book by the end of the year (stories, Bible, abc)
f. 4 spoken word poetry videos done
g. English/Portuguese videos done
h. Drive stick shift in Brazil

2. Spiritual
a. Morning moment with God (not phone)
b. Grateful for…on Snapchat
c. Evening event to close the day
d. Keep up with prayer list
e. Memorize and do Bible studies in Portuguese
f. Beth Moore Bible studies with the girls

3. Physical
a. Return to pre-baby fitness: 4x a week, 45 minutes each
b. Drink more fluids
c. Better posture

As a Wife and Mom:
a. Stop and appreciate Caid and Ana each day
b. Sunday Funday—phone calls to family
c. Weekly date night
d. Weekly paper letter written to a loved one
e. Have Caid cook more and help his goal of getting a CD recorded
f. Keep the house simple and light, functional and organized
g. Have Brazilians over once a week

As a Missionary:
a. Keep on top of “paperwork”
b. Rock out the partnership with World Help
c. Partner with Caid for Living Stones, Glory Sports, Music and English ministries
d. Figure out credit, retirement, will, taxes, and health insurance
e. Taco Tuesday (social)
f. Worship Wednesday (intimate)
g. Thirsty Thursday (outreach)

Favorites from 2015

Favorite blog posts:

Favorite books:
1. Brain Rules for Babies
2. Scary Close by Donald Miller
3. Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-jo Baker

Favorite movies:
1. Cinderella
2. Far from the Maddening Crowd
3. Inside out
4. Selma
5. Whiplash

Favorite TV shows:
1. Scorpion
2. Once upon a time
3. The Librarians
4. Supergirl
5. Marvel Agents of Shield
6. The Flash
7. Black-ish
8. The Middle
9. Elementary
10. Girls meets World

Favorite music: Audrey Assad

Favorite vlogs:
1. Shaytards
2. Eh Bee family
3. David Lopez
4. Nive Nulls
5. SmarterEveryDay
6. Convos with my two-year-old
7. World Renewal Brazil
8. Living Stones Brazil
9. Five Minutes of Fergie

Favorite Sunday Funday:
1. Ann Voskamp:
2. Kristin Welch:
3. Stanley Clan:
4. Jamie, Worst Missionary:
5. Myquillyn, the Nester:
6. A Life overseas:
7. Jon and Amy:
8. Velvet Ashes:
9. Katie Davis:
10. Me:

Friday, January 8, 2016

Six Months Old

This is a little late:)
In all of the Christmas preparations (two of our four suitcases) and finishing up everything in Brazil (well, trying to) and coming to the USA, Ana Sofia turning six months was overshadowed by Christmas and change. She has done an amazing job as she watches mom run around to get things done saying, "Just another minute luv, and I will feed you!" 

She was a trooper for all of our travels (13 hours from Brazil to Indy, and then 14 hours from Indy to Connecticut), and she is growing so quickly. At her last doctor appointment, she was two months advanced in her fine and gross motor skills!
Ana has been a bit clingy since coming to the USA, and enjoys things much better as long as she can see mom or dad--but she is getting used to everyone (so many new people!) quickly. She is sitting up and trying to crawl and can pull herself up and stand with the help of a finger. We are proud of our little lady. She is more entertaining than TV, and we can't remember life without her.