Monday, February 26, 2018

February Sunday Funday

One daughter is sleeping, and the other one is putting boogers on my shoulder. I am finishing Sunday Funday on Monday, and the electricity went out. Life goes on, and here is our weekly vlog:
I started teaching at the International school last week, and met with the girls at Guadalajara to finish some exciting plans for Living Stones. Caid was on his way to Cajueiro Claro, when he got rained out (A LOT OF RAIN), but this week all three Living Stones programs are back on track. Caid got to be a big part of PPC's inaugural worship service (they changed locations) and is starting music classes there, as he really feels God's leading to start more worship training/ministries. Ana Sofia loved school, and has a current obsession with giving everyone check-ups like Doc McStuffins. Jessica is our little Squishy, and has been really chill in each new change. 

Reads from the Interwebs:
3. The truth about missions is that it is that its a long, hard slog:  The truth is, life is hard. Even if you have money, even if you live in a developed can't run away from death or sin. It hits us all, even the ones who are trying to live for ourselves, even the ones running away from Jesus. I always knew Christianity wouldn't make my life easier, in fact, I was pretty sure it would make it harder. I've even said things like, "The Christian life is so hard--I must be doing something right!" Truth is, most of the hard stuff I face is more of life stuff we all deal with than "Suffering for Jesus." 
4. Two questions every Christian must ask themselves: LOVE THIS! One of my favorites: "We rise by lifting others"
5. The Somaliland Marathon: I have enjoyed reading as this blogger trained and ran this marathon. I did a mini-marathon, and think that is definitely my limit!
6. Proof that the fight against inequality starts with moms: So exciting!! Makes me super excited about all the work that my friend/co-worker is doing with pregnant mothers (and myself)! Can't wait to see how God wants to grow this ministry! 
7. The problem with my kids bookshelves: (I thought she was going to say that they were too small)
8. Taking the Hypocrisy out of Home Assignments: LOVE AND NEEDED THIS! A must-read for everyone involved in missions and ministry. So raw and true.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Lent Sunday Funday

Our weekly vlog:
We worked on our relaxing skills (which is harder than you would think to do with little munchkins) during Carnaval, including a game day at the Turners (see above video) and Jessica's first (failed) attempt at swimming (again in the vlog). Valentine's Day and Lent were on the same day, but Valentine's Day isn't celebrated in Brazil (They have Boyfriend/girlfriend day June 12th), so we didn't do much, but had some lovely celebratory sushi. We are very excited to start up our new semester schedule this week! We will let you know how that goes! Our little squishy (Jessica's current nickname) is two months old:
Reads from the Interwebs:

2. Five ways to encourage your child to shine: LOVED this guys' first book- can't wait to read this one!
3.Where Love Leads: because not everyone gets a clear "GO HERE NOW" from God
4. How Ethnocentrism is lost in the wanderer's heart
5. When Cancer, Gunfire, Grief, Lent and the unfairness of God wreck us: love this Lent calendar! Ann Voskamp has the neatest stuff. Weeping with those in Florida.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Sunday Funday

Yes, I know Valentine's Day isn't on Sunday this year, but life. And yes, I know in Brazil we are celebrating Ash Wednesday and not Valentine's Day today, but oh well. Here is our weekly vlog:
Hope you try some of the recipes I have been making! After all, food makes holidays so much more special! After a week back at school, and almost back to normal--we had Carnaval! The Fergie family had a visit from our friend Kraig from World Help, and that was a fantastic time.

Our town of Carpina has gotten celebrating Carnaval down to a science: they have all their local parties a week early, and then for actual Carnaval, they go celebrate other places. So last week there was some rowdy, noisy evenings, and the past couple of days have been a ghost town (Carnaval is officially Saturday-Tuesday, with Ash Wednesday as a recovery day). In Brazil, we celebrate our version of Valentine's Day June 12th--so still got plenty of time for the romance.

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. 18 ways to be a better children's ministry leader in 2018: loved this!
2. Seven reasons so many guys don't understand sexual consent: a secular (yes, with language) article that is written by someone who grew up in church that has an important message we (still in the church) need to hear, especially reason #2.
3. The grace of letting go: "Is there really only ONE RIGHT WAY to clean the kitchen counter?"
4. Creating Place: something I only realized until after I didn't do it.
5. When did the church decide that the best way to attract people is by looking perfect? 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sunday Funday February

Our weekly vlog:
Last we we worked on all the paperwork/documentation stuff that drives you crazy for Jessica's American birth abroad certificate/Passport, and our Brazilian driver's licences. The first one is accomplished, the second...well, we put a dent in it. We also got to meet with the Living Stones leaders, and map out the coming semester--so exciting! Caid is going to be doing Living Stones in the mornings, while the girls and I nap and get ready for the day, and I am teaching at the International School and Living Stones in the afternoons (Ana is going to school three afternoons a week with me, while Dad gets Jessica time).

All this, of course, AFTER Carnaval. The evening music-blasting parties have already started (they get longer, later, and louder as we get closer to actual Carnaval, which is February 10-13. Please keep Brazil, and especially our Living Stones kids in your prayers, as violence, drugs, drinking, abuse, and car accidents goes WAY up during this time of and around Carnaval.

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. Why every girl and her dreams count: I do believe that there are some injustices and inequalities in the USA towards women, but I have been blessed with a community of men who have always treated me as an equal. But let's talk about the REST of the world, and I will grab my feminist views to fight! Come on--let's let these girls make a difference in the world!
2. How a 40 year old Camel changed my life: love this question: "If you are a global person, how did you get that way?"
3. Passing the Swamp: such a positive spin on swamp-ness.
4. My Obsession: Chai tea: someday I want to try and make my own chai tea!
5. Naming your grief and finding an answer: so basically anything I read these days about grief I highlight. It is such an important concept.
6. So you want to cross oceans and cultures: are you ready? I love checklists! Yes, please!
7. A super long title I won't copy: seriously, this boys homemade guitar grabbed my heart.
8. Class-passing: how do you learn the rules of being rich? a super interesting look as some people who have changed "classes." This is something I am super interested in. Favorite quote: "One of the most valuable (and least studied) aspects of growing up with economic privilege, I’ve observed, is the sense of entitlement and the confidence it gives you. “Almost unreasonable confidence,” Tighe notes. “The confidence that comes from the achievement of others. Your parents are successful and you think that’s you.”"

Have a great week!