Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Week until Christmas Sunday Funday

Here is our weekly vlog:

As you can see, our life continued to be waiting on baby. We got a 41 week ultrasound, and everything with baby is good and healthy (baby grew almost a pound in the last week!), but we also needed to start thinking and planning for what to do if the baby DIDN'T come before 42 weeks (risks in pregnancy go up after 42 weeks). Ana Sofia and I also had light colds and stuffy noses to deal with, and poor Caid had two grumpy girls to deal with.
Friday night we finally had some Braxton Hicks (prep) contractions, and rushed to make sure everything was packed at waiting by the door, but they didn't last long. Sunday morning my father fell/passed out and was taken to the emergency room where they found blood clots in both of his lungs (something that if undetected, kills one in three people--so that is pretty serious!). He is resting and doing well (once found, it is much less risky), and hopes to return home by Wednesday.
I have been having mild contractions since early this (Tuesday) Morning, so am just taking it slow and using my contraction app to keep track. Lindsay is ready to come over and doula anytime, and we can head to the hospital once I feel the pain is getting pretty bad. Since I am so late (41 weeks and 5 days), the hospital will accept me even if I am not in active labor--so that is a blessing. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. Christmas Traditions that Travel
2. Despite the Circumstances: thinking about pregnant Mary having to donkey travel is SOOO relate-able right now:)
3. Gifts for third culture kids: YES! I will so need this someday, when getting play-dough just won't work anymore.
4. How to stop the fighting: "Mother's are mood-makers"
5. When you find love in your host culture: I commented on this on Facebook already, but worth posting again! I didn't marry someone from my host culture, but I did marry a third culture kid, and some things still apply. But mostly, I've seen dating handled well, and not so well in my 10 years serving as a single missionary--by myself, and by those serving around me. Mostly, I think it is easy for people (especially in missions) to fear or ignore relationships: when what they need most is communication and openness: this is definitely something to read and think about.
6. Ann Voskamp on #metoo
7. Missions and #metoo: Don't wait for someone to come forward

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