Friday, January 11, 2019

Goals for 2019

2019 Goals for Rachel
Word of the Year: 2017 Bright, 2018 Appreciate, 2019 Redeem
Verse of the Year: 2017 Hebrews 6:19, 2018 Micah 6:8, 2019 _______
As a Woman:
1. Personal: know myself
a. Blog and vlog once a week (Sunday Funday)
b. Have a book (or kindle) always available—catch up books/music in USA
c. Publish a book or project
d. Learn a skill/get specific training/Lifelong learning: teaching English/church
e. Get my memories all organized on “Fergie Famories”
2. Spiritual: intimate connection with God and my heart
a. Morning Moment with God (reading Bible)
b. Once a week family worship time
c. Sunday Family Prayer time
d. Jesus book and prayer with girls
e. Study and Memorize something
3. Physical: strong with energy to thrive not survive
a. Drink more water and eat healthy
b. Workout 4x a week, 45 minutes each
c. Set up a home workout center in Brazil
As a Wife:
a. Every other week Date night
b. Focus on Caid in the evenings after kids are asleep
c. Plan and make healthy meals—always strive for better
d. Keep the house clean and light: deep clean once a week
e. Plan a Sabbath each week
As a Mom:
a. Daily Snapchat/appreciate my daughters time (each one)
b. Weekly Sunday family phone calls
c. 2girlsncurls Instagram updated, and learning more hairstyles
d. Speak Portuguese more with the girls while in USA
e. Ana: do some home-preschool in USA, start Sofia in morning school in Brazil (full?)
f. Jessica: weaned, start 3 times a week at school in Brazil, sleeping through the night
As a Missionary:
a. Vlog once a week (find/plan "missionary" ones to make)
b. Upkeep LS and FMF websites and e-newsletters and Instagram (monthly)
c. End of and beginning of the month reports for LS and FMF
d. World Help paperwork done timely and well
e. Sports Weekend Fundraiser done well
f. All the churches and individual supporters met and updated
g. Teach well at the International school
h. Do taxes and have all important documents updated
i. Get health insurance worked through and work done
j. Jan: CT and Ohio, Feb: Anna, Illinois, settle in, Mar-May: all meetings/plans/training, June/July: STMT, settle back in Brazil, Aug: school/LS start up, Sep: all LS pictures updated Oct: Children’s Day and sports weekend fundraiser, Nov: End of the year reports/videos, Dec: finishing up/celebrate holidays well

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