Friday, March 27, 2015

What We Do

For those of you wondering what it is Caid and I do, and plan on doing, we officially have our job description (approved by all the leadership!):

Caid and Rachel Ferguson Job Description

1. Oversee the Living Stones programs in Brazil/ give leadership/training leaders, workers, volunteers, helpers. Living Stones needs to be run by local leadership, we are just assisting/working ourselves out of a job
2. Raise awareness and funds for Living Stones (goal: $1,000 monthly per program or as budget is set at individual locations by WRB). A Living Stone program is one that runs 4 days a week, has church leadership directly involved, and has an educational component.
3. Create resources/get information about Living Stones out where it is needed by:
Keeping blog updated monthly, with a once a month e-newsletter
Monthly Finance report and updates ( working/shared with Tele, Steve, Jeff)
Records of the children (photobooks/calendar, reports, videos on each program, each year)
Thank you letters/contact with current/new/past donors (at least once a year)
Sending out a bi-annual prayer letter to donors/people interested in summer/winter
Promote annual activities:
1) Jan: Winter newsletter/new year goals/packet/donor thank yous
2) Feb: Carnaval (
3) Mar/April: Easter (
4) May: Mother’s day (
5) June: Trek ( VBS in USA churches/STM trips in Brazil
6) July: Summer paper newsletter and donor thank yous
7) Aug: Father's day ( ?)
8) Sep: Foundation builder focus (
9) Oct: Literacy and Children’s day (
10) Nov: Thanksgiving (
11) Dec: Christmas and ornaments (
12) Birthdays and calendar ( (once a month in each community-train others to take over)

4. Keep in contact/make sure each program in Brazil has the resources it needs, when it needs them (especially for special projects and celebrations). Meet with each program to set up a yearly budget and present it to the WRB board.
5. Visit/call new/existing churches/individuals and share/update/present Living Stones when in the USA, or when Brazilian churches/ programs like Living Stones (to network with) show interest
6. Raise personal funds as Living Stones/WRI missionaries
7. Be point people for Living Stones short mission trips, and assisting with other short term trips as needed. Make sure Steve has a list of items needed for LS to bring with STMTs
8. Maintain g-mail calendar shared with WRI, WRB, Steve/Tele, and Jeff
9. Teach at the international school, also community outreach with sports, music, and English
10. Be Living Stones liaisons to the International school (plan activities to involve them, share what is going on in the communities)
11. All outgoing communications need to go through WRB, Tele, Steven, and Jeff for approval before sent out or acted on, no less than 7 days before they will be send it out.
12.        Daily schedule will be determined by WRB board as needed in the areas of the International school, Living Stones, and Glory sports.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On Our Way

As we count down the final days to leaving for Brazil, we want to say a big "THANK YOU!" Between the baby shower, Caid's birthday and graduation, speaking at different churches, and meeting up with amazing people, I have not been able to keep up with thank you letters--if you haven't gotten one yet--know we are thinking of you, and it is on my list of things to do! As I grumble about finding envelopes and stamps to go on the envelopes (why is this so hard??), I know it is only because we are surrounded by such an incredible community of people who love us--we will not take that for granted.
If you have not seen this, please take two minutes to do so--it shares our vision and goal for serving Living Stones and WRI Brazil in Brazil:
To date, we have raised all of the birthing expenses, and almost all of the monthly support. If you would like to partner with us by supporting us on a monthly basis, go here

Last Sunday, Caid preached on Job at our home church, Horizon Central. You can listen to it here. We are so blessed to be sent by them, as well as supported by Shelbyville Community church, Community church of Greenwood, and some amazing friends and family!
The preacher man, who just turned 25 and finished his bachelor's degree in Urban Leadership!
We can truly GO as we have been SENT. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Six Months Pregnant

I've been reading my baby books (and getting all of the rest out of the library), so now I feel slightly confident when talking about pregnancy. One thing I watched was saying that many people study/know more about the new cell phone they are buying than about giving birth--I will not be that person. It struck me how I need to not only take ownership of my body, pregnancy, and giving birth, but also take pride in it. As one person said "If I can do this, I can do anything." I agree.

We hit our first "hiccup" after my blood work came back. Apparently, I am RH negative. It isn't very common, but until 1968, around 10,000 children died every year from this blood issue. It means I am missing (negative) a certain protein on the top of my red blood cells. If my blood mixes with the baby's blood (assuming the baby is not RH negative, as less than 15% of white people are--much less for every other race), I will form antibodies--and then the NEXT baby is screwed, as my body will actually fight against it, thinking it is an intruder. 

They have a simple shot that they suggest I take before I leave for Brazil (in case of car accident/something that causes blood mixing before birth), and then another shot after birth (If the baby is not RH negative), to make sure my next kid doesn't get screwed. (Next kid...ha! Not thinking about that yet). I have studied up on this shot and feel okay about it...but heavens...getting shots seems to be a whole other issue I now have to deal with....great. 

It has been an amazing month--with an incredible baby shower and blessing story. Caid is almost done with his LAST CLASS to graduate with his bachelor's degree (straight As!), and we are enjoying our time visiting friends and family and sharing about Brazil. We are turning the last corner in getting ready for Brazil--7 months pregnant will be at our new apartment in Brazil!!!

Rockin Baby Shower

February 28th these amazing ladies (and some not in this picture who came later) came to celebrate Ana Sofia Carol Ferguson at my sister's house. 

Here is the amazing Vlog (Video blog) that Caid made (Yes, he got to attend). Caid is going to be documenting all things baby (minus the graphic birth parts), so follow him on youtube! 

I was very glad to have girls of all ages (and a couple boys) join in
And so blessed to have women from every aspect of my life--church, Brazil, youth center, growing up, a part of this special time. And thank you everyone who couldn't make it for the continued in pouring of presents and cards! I cannot keep up with Thank you letters (but WILL have them done soon). 

Anna, my sister, was amazing at having games and decorating cards, diapers, onesies, and bibs. Thank you for hosting this shower! Thanks to my mom for the delicious food!
Funny faces everyone--I love you!

Phone Blessing

It is cold, wet, and rainy. And I am ready to be in Brazil. But God blesses us so much each day, and confirms that His timing is perfect, not Rachel's. We have been visiting many churches, groups, and individuals, sharing about Brazil and God's adventures for us. A couple weeks ago, we were sharing at Community church of Shelbyville. 
Let's begin by saying this church has been amazing supportive of us, and we love coming and sharing with them. We were able to get to know 6 people from these church quite intimately, as we led them on a missions trip (and training) to Brazil last year. This is the first church that supports Living Stones AS A CHURCH--and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! We are planning another trip with them in July (So excited--only a little worried about how that overlaps with birthing a baby). 
We set up our informational table, and were chatting with people when the Pastor who was sharing that morning came and checked in with us. He asked how things were going and if we needed anything. I am thinking baby things...but I don't know what yet--they are already bringing me down a suitcase full of whatever I want in July--so I am good and glowing. Caid sheepishly says something about a phone.
Caid is taking over our filming/pictures/vlog (video blog) responsibilities (because he does them better), and was especially nervous about driving responsibilities (to the hospital for me to have a baby) and having a GPS in Brazil. Only certain phones can do all this in Brazil, and must be unlocked, so are quite pricey. He has been praying/studying up on this for a couple months. 
So Caid shares with the Pastor how we will be needing a very nice unlocked phone for ministry and GPS aspects. We go into the service and after we share about Brazil and ourselves, the Pastor says "I don't normally do this, but Caid has a need--so can someone make sure that man gets a phone? Take him to Walmart or something and let's get this taken care of." 
Even before the service was over, someone had tucked some money into Caid's pocket. We met with an international businessman who had an unlocked phone he had picked up in London, which he dropped off for us. People were still handing us money. It was incredible.
And I think my favorite part was when the Pastor pulled Caid aside at the end and said "I suggest you take a picture of the gifts people have given you today. Because a discouraging day will come sometime when you just need to see what God does and how He provides for something as small as a phone--imagine what He will do for the big things!" 

Pretty great story, huh? One that should be shared. As an update...the London phone didn't have all the capabilities Caid needed--so guess who has her first ever smart phone? (Yeah, I had forgotten that I should probably have a phone as well, since we don't have a home line) Caid is sporting his amazing new phone which has exceeded his expectations:). Thank you so much everyone who provided this for us--and even more--who provided this visual picture of God providing!!