Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday Funday February

Our weekly vlog: (guys, I am actually caught up!)

I am so grateful for a couple of Starbucks gift cards I received around the holidays. My sister doesn't have internet in her home, but she does have a Starbucks across the street. So I am armed with my steamed milk and ready to get some work done. I am surrounded by people my age doing the same thing and it is strangely surreal. My life is all over a couple of different states and two countries, but it is easy to slip into what "normal" is wherever I currently am (well, easy when Caid is taking care of the girls).
You can see from the video that we are enjoying time with family and friends and getting training (awesome If: Gathering conference at Shelbyville Community church!). Caid has jumped into "Traveling Haircuts" where he will come visit, cut hair, and share about us and Brazil. It is perfect for his personality, and makes sure that get to see a growing list of people in the next couple of months. He also does a really good job cutting hair (message him on Facebook if you are interested).
(Sofia got to go to preschool with Auntie Anna)

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. Sometimes you choose to feed the kittens: perfectly describing a familiar feeling
2. Loving our kids through transition: this is my first home assignment where I have a speaking, questioning, and feeling (STRONGLY feeling) daughter with me. Guys. We started in October, talking about how we would go on the airplane and see lots of family and friends. But we would also have to say goodbye to school and toys and our house and friends. Some days she wanted to go NOW. Some days she didn't want to leave at all. Some days the real reason she was fine with transition was because I had marshmallows with me. We have had a lot of breakdowns where we end up sending a message to Heloise (Pastor Flavio's daughter) on Whatapp ("I miss you. I want to play with you. You are my friend"). She feels it. This is her life journey too, not just ours.
3. I hope you will be treated unfairly
4. The Faithful who Stay: So powerful and true. And sometimes it means sitting and listening to family that doesn't really get it. And letting it break your heart again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

February Sunday Funday

Our weekly vlog:

We spent the cold week getting settled in and snuggling in at my sister's home. We have really been appreciating our friends at the Gathering Place, where we can get great exercise and have child care provided: it has been the first time I've been able to play basketball since having kids! But unfortunately, this round of sickness hit me pretty hard. I think we are mostly on the upswing now. Our next goal is focusing on child training, especially Jessica sleeping through the night: she is not excited or pleased or happy about this. Caid is jumping into different ministry and training opportunities, as am I.

Reads from the Interwebs:
1. New York, you made my heart sink last week
2. Let's drop the Cliche
3. Watching the world grapple with a virgin Bachelor
4. When your child grieves: a list of books
5. Guiltitude: definitely the read I needed!