Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1st Pregnancy vs. Now: Reality

Left side: 1st Pregnancy
"Of course we will lead a mission trip on the first day we find out we are pregnant!"
Right side: Now
Learning to trust my body again. #Miscarriagehurts

1st Pregnancy: Perfectly planned monthly pictures
Now: That happened

1st Pregnancy: Let's throw a Christmas party!
Now: I am so glad I am on home assignment and my mommy can cook and take care of me!

1st Pregnancy: Traveling and visiting family
Now: Do I have to leave the house?
1st Pregnancy: Got all my tests caught up-it's a girl!
Now: Oh yeah, pregnancy pictures
1st Pregnancy: Let's find coordinating scarves!
Now: We found out it is a girl! And found a pre-natal doctor. 

1st Pregnancy: Of course we can move to Brazil and begin serving there as a missionary family, furnish an apartment, set up a nursery, and have a baby abroad all in the third trimester!
Now: Grab a camera! I am not dressing up again until after the baby is born.
1st Pregnancy: Good thing we are in a tropical country--I can wear flip flops every day
Now: Good thing we are in a tropical country--pregnancy works as an excuse to not do anything (they actually believe in paid maternity leave, unlike the USA)
1st Pregnancy: Let's get professional pictures done
Now: I am up all night again. Let's find more Pinterest pregnancy memes.

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